Harnessing Innovation for:
Competitive or Corporate Advantage

Here are the basic building blocks of the methodology:

  • Innovation as the fuel for the engine of change
    - Without change there is no growth
    - Without growth there is no future
  • Innovation and Business Development
    - Continuous creativity is impossible.
  • - A Business Development Department should do just that
  • Barriers to creative thinking
    - There are many - understand them to defeat them
  • The mind blocks
    - The eight mind blocks CAN be overcome
  • Group speak
    - Let's all think alike (ugh!)
  • Peer pressure to conform
    - Peer pressure is a terrible thing
  • Tackling NIH (the scourge of innovation)
    - Not Invented Here is the worst of all creativity killers
  • Inherent creativity
    - Its a trait not a gift
  • Soft and hard thinking
    - Understand them and when to apply them
  • Team creativity
    - The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  • Innovation and senior management
    - Without backing from the top - its a waste of time
  • PRISM - the creative blueprint
    - Focus on strategic imperatives
  • Computer and other tools to aid creativity
    - Use the tools - make the job easier
  • Facilitating innovation
    - Help others to realize their potential
  • CIRCA - structured creativity
    - Do it well
  • CLASSIC - the methodology
    - The end result of all my work
  • Find the Five - focus on the top ideas
    - Don't try to deliver your 100 ideas - make life manageable




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