Harnessing Innovation for:
Competitive or Corporate Advantage

What is Innovation in Action?

  • It is a methodology to capture and manage innovation in the pursuit of corporate strategy


It does not itself deliver innovative ideas but rather focuses the existing innovative abilities of the organization and harnesses them to deliver relevant, affordable, workable, and innovative opportunities for competitive or strategic advantage.


A series of proven steps identify the strategic objective, analyze and destroy the mind blockers that prevent innovation, sweep aside the group-think mentality, prepare the individuals for creativity and focus the collective wisdom on the issue at hand.

Barriers are broken by analysis and understanding; creativity is nourished with simple but effective stimuli; cerebral energies are harnessed collectively in the pursuit of corporate goals.

And, finally, the group’s output is refined and weighted to produce a manageable list of opportunities each with a champion determined to deliver.

A number of techniques, including PC based, are used and explained; these not only help with Innovation but leave the participants better able to manage their daily work load.


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